Richard Meade

Associate Creative Director of Film


Hailing from London, Richard has had a distinguished career working at some of the world’s leading archviz firms, delivering key high-profile projects in the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States. 

Now leading the Sydney animation team, Richard is a person of deep creative vision who possesses those ‘can’t teach’ leadership skills that win him continuing respect. His role in exploring new ways of telling clients’ stories has been key in pushing the boundary of what architectural animation is fast becoming. Bringing the human dimension into film by developing concepts and storyboards inspired by influences far beyond architectural 3-D, Richard is able to bond with BINYAN clients, making sure their campaign films make the maximum impact on their intended audiences.

A typical Englishman living in Sydney, Richard surfs a lot, rides a motorbike, and is working on secret personal projects to develop his technical and creative skills each and every day.